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Advanced Interconnects

BGA Socketing Systems, Board to Board Connectors, IC Socket & Adapters, Package Conversion Adapters, Peel Away Removable Carriers, Terminals & Test Jacks



Multi-layer rigid, flex adn rigid flex PCB's.  Heavy Copper, HDI, Metal Core.  ISO 9001, AS9100C, and ITAR certified factories.

Carlisle logo

Carlisle IT

High-performance wire and cable including fiber, Military & Aerospace Contacts; RF/Microwave, Aerospace, specialty & filtered connectors; cable trays; racks & shelf assemblies. Engineering & certification services with DER, DAR & DMIR personnel on staff.

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MMIC Amplifiers Broadband DC to 35/45/60 GHz; Frequency Dividers/Prescalers; Amplifier Modules

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In-building monitoring & threat detection; Large area site, border & perimeter surveillance; Spectrum surveys & inventories; Intregated spectrum management systems; RF test & measurement

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EWT Filters

Cavity Filters to 50GHz; Lumped Elements Filters to 10GHz; Wireless Products: Base Stations / Repeaters / Point-to-Point / Filters, Duplexers & Multiplexers, Integrated Assemblies to 3.5GHz: Receiver Multicouplers / Switch/Filter Assemblies / LNA Assemblies


Guerrilla RF

LNA's, gain blocks, GaN PA's, linear drivers, FEM's. Best in noise figures.


L-3 Communications - Narda Microwave East

Frequency Range Covered: DC - 40 GHz, Couplers, Power Dividers, Attenuators (Fixed, Variable, Dig. Controlled), Detectors, Duplexers, Upconverters, Downconverters, Phase Shifters, Mixers, Limiters, Terminations, & Custom Integrated Solutions, DRO(s), PLDRO(s), Sources, Power Meters/Monitors
Low Cost Cellular/PCS Product Line with On-Line Ordering

L-3 Communications - Narda Safety Test Solutions

Radiation Safety Equipment

MDL Labs

Waveguide Bends and Twists, Directional Couplers and Monopulse Comparators, Rotary Joints, Microwave Filters, Rotary Switches and Waveguide Shutters, Waveguide Pressure Windows and other components; Customized Waveguide Assemblies.

Microlab logo


-Custom Integrated Passive Component Solutions

-Low PIM Components

-Couplers, Attenuators, Terminations, Hybrids, Splitters, DC Blocks, Diplexers



Clock Oscillators, LC Filters, Crystal Filters, OCXO, QPL Oscillators, QPL Oscillators, QPL Crystals, TCXO, TCVCXO, VCXO, Space Level

Response logo

Response Microwave

Connectivity & Control components including: high frequency connectors, adapters, cryogenic bulk cable aseemblies, solar junction boxes, fiber optic cable, power splitters/combiners, circulators/isolators, laser diodes, rotary joints.

SenarioTek Logo


SenarioTek designs and manufacturers RF and microwave products and integrated systems for the wireless, telecom, ATE, aerospace and defense industries.

Products include: Switch Matrix including Flex Matrix - Differential RF Switch Solutions and System Integration

Applications include: Satellite Payload and Component Test, Wideband Frequency Convertors, High Speed Serial, ATE (Automated Test Equipment).

X Com Logo

X-COM Systems (a subsidiary of Bird Technologies):

RF Capture, Record and Playback Systems offer scalable, high-speed, real-time capture and storage solutions.  Portable design allows for use in both laboratory and field testing environments.  Systems can record spectrum from DC-40 GHz w/instantaneous bandwidths of up to 6GHz.


Featured Solutions:

Narda's Dept 26 Series of Low-Cost Wireless Components between performance and economy, are for those applications that do not demand the superior environmental and electrical performance of the standard Narda components.  Click here to browse selection!